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Finnish Female Fronted metal band Autumn's Grief released Dead by the Dawn single!

Finnish metal band Autumn's Grief released Dead by the Dawn single which is taken from their eponymous second studio album which is set to be released on December 9th 2022 via Inverse Records. Watch Dead by the Dawn video: The band comments: "In this title song of the album fate sets the storyteller in the middle of the battle one can not avoid or win. The inevitable can no longer be escaped. All that is left is the calm surrender to destiny. The shadow of the past follows a tormented mind as some stains have come to stay. Loyalty is being measured. Alliances will be tested. The hopeless fight will take place and the face will be covered with a shield – whether it's real or invisible. "

LISTEN Dead by the Dawn on streaming services:

WATCH The Tide lyric video:

WATCH The Sea of Apatht video here:

BIOGRAPHY:Autumn's Grief is a Finnish metal band that combines the elements from soundtrack music, melodic metal, symphonic metal and doom metal. The band was formed in 2021 by Santtu Rosén (Dead End Finland, Ex-Dying Daylight), Ville Skön (Willie Dangerr, Ex-Dying Daylight) and Noora Virtanen (Tulio, Musta Orkidea). Santtu and Ville had worked closely together in their previous band Dying Daylight. After some years of both concentrating on their own bands and projects, they started to once again make songs together on spring 2020. Noora found their music on the internet by coincidence in the beginning of the year 2021 and asked them the permission to try to do the vocals into one of their songs. After that new songs just began to emerge one after another and the debut album was ready in a blink of an eye. Since all of the three musicians wanted to continue making music together, they decided to form a band in May 2021. Autumn's Grief released their first single “The Oblivion” on June 2021 followed by the releases of the singles “The Dead Don't Smile” and “The Thorn in My Side". The band released their debut album “The Dead Don't Smile” as a digital version independently on October 2021. The album received positive feedback amongst the media and fans around the World. On spring 2022 Autumn's Grief made an agreement with Inverse Records about the digital distribution and marketing of their second album.

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