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FEUERSCHWANZ Reveals Cover of The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights”

They return from the darkness with an illuminating video for “Blinding Lights”! A sinful new covers album by FEUERSCHWANZ!

Following the success of their previous #1 charting album, Memento Mori, the hottest German band in folk rock to date are back to flabbergast their fans with the spectacular covers album, Todsünden, to be released December 30, 2022 – exactly one year after the release of Memento Mori – via Napalm Records. The album consists of two completely new songs, as well as the cover bonus tracks from their last two studio albums. With their newest offering, they present an official music video for “Blinding Lights” – one of the biggest pop songs of the current decade by The Weeknd. Effortlessly combining their own style with the hot 80s revival sound of the 2020s, the song and video compare to a mischievous club night at the tavern. Pushing beyond all limitations, FERUSCHWANZ do not shy away from exploring the unexplored and humorously invite the listener into their world of pure medieval rock! Hodi states: “A song from 2020, but with REALLY heavy 80s vibes. And all that, although I was born in 1990! This is really great songwriting that we have brought into the medieval and metal world. Bon Jovi with bagpipes. I always think of a vampire singing about the sun when I hear this song. ‘I can't sleep until i feel your touch.’”

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