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Endlevel - Weekend War new release

The 11 newly composed tracks contain everything that makes Endlevel so enjoyable. Thrashy riffs with a Death Metal twist, guttural vocals and high Thrash vocals, meet rhythmic finesse and entertaining lyrics - metalheads what more do you want? The corresponding artwork by Martin Chmelícek (Spasm, Gutalax, Insistent, Obscene Extreme Festival, among others) perfectly captures the march visually: Every track, full against the jaw, plus lots of beer and the weekend is still in your bones on Monday! The 11 tracks mill themselves with a carefree and at the same time brilliant production in your auditory canal that it's just fun. Christian Schäfer, who also worked for Fateful Finality or Doom Division, was responsible for the great sound. So if you like to mix your Death Metal with some Thrash Metal and you like bands like "Inhuman Condition", "Bolt Thrower", but also "Malevolent Creation" and a pinch of "Anthrax", you should put "Endlevel - Weekend War" on your turntable and have your chin massaged with one to 12 beers. The album is released on CD, vinyl and is available on all common streaming platforms.

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