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EISREGEN Shares Music Video For New Album Single "Herbstleiche"

Today, Germany's most morbid hit factory, the masters of the macabre, EISREGEN, celebrate the release of their brand new, 16th studio album Grenzgänger, out now Massacre Records!

Following the 2020 Top 10 chart success "Leblos" and a double split album with Goatfuneral, "bitterböse" (#12 on the German album charts) in 2021, with 17 new songs on Grenzgänger, the Thuringian band presents themselves in absolute top form and and raises the extreme-metal-bar even higher. To pick out single songs turned out to be difficult, because the two band leaders Roth and Yantit managed to string together hit after hit. Musically as well as lyrically, you can take the album title literally, because they have rarely been more varied. As Roth recently said: "Grenzgänger" is about the German serial killer Rudolf Pleil, who was active after the end of World War 2 and had an easy time finding new mostly female victims in the turmoil of the time. As a superordinate album title, the term itself can of course also be applied to the band: because EISREGEN never cared about musical or taste boundaries and has always consistently done its own thing."

In celebration of today's record release, the band has just unleashed a new music video for the song "Herbstleiche"! Says Roth:"Herbstleiche is one of my favorite pieces in our entire musical career: It is a very morbid love song, written from the perspective of a murderer who preserves the loved one for eternity. The song builds up a very special mood that continuously increases. It was very important to me to include this song in our future live set and also to commission a video for it to visualize its content."

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