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Eerie - The Delirium Of The Believers (Negra Nit)

With his mind focused on the cold and glorious decade of the 90s, O.C., the veteran musician from Almería with experience in bands like Reincarnation, Abandonment, or With All My Hate, starts in 2019 a solo project focused on Swedish blackened death or classic melodic black that, in general, was born in that possessed Scandinavia. His new beast goes by the name of Eerie.

The guttural vocals and the shrieks ones follow one after the other, doubling and merging in this old school symphony, all of it played and sung by O.C., who has also recorded, mixed and mastered this album, as well as taking care of the layout under the Art Dystopia banner. The cover artwork has been done by Manolo GV.

After releasing a demo in 2020 to look for labels and releasing End Of An Era that same year, a first album in which Negra Nit was part of the co-edition, O.C. now releases The Delirium Of The Believers. On his second opus, Eerie once again lashes out furiously against Christianity, even being helped on the mic by Midgard from Ouija on the song ‘The Perversion’.

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