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Dudsekop releases new single!

DUDSEKOP started out as a covid project by Josh Fury in collaboration with long time friend drummer Burt Hillemong. During multiple recording sessions at Studio Scampi (Waardamme – B) the debut album ‘Liksems’ was fully written and recorded. For the vocal-recordings a diversity of guest vocalists were invited in the studio and they all contributed to the record. The lyrics are all written in an old Ypres dialect, out of respect for the rich history of Ypres, giving the band a more alternative vibe… After releasing the first single ‘Koavezwort’ & considering the very positive reactions, the idea rose of forming a band so DUDSEKOP could present the written songs live on stage. Doing so Bjorn (Darqo) joined the ranks and provided the screams live (as also partly on the record). Afterwards Wouter Vandaele and Nico Degroote also joined as respectively guitarist and bassist. During early 2023 Bjorn decided to focus on his own band & Tijs Verhelst stepped in, providing the screams & grunts from that moment on… During 2023 the band started to write a bunch of new songs which led to the release of 3 new singles: Plukkevort, Corbiaar & ’N Ofgrond. The songs are giving a pretty good idea about the future intentions of the band… They are NOT finished yet! Their 2nd record will be called ‘Wuk Emme Nog Van Leevn?’ and is due to be released around March 2024. Plans are being made as we speak and we expect more info about the release quite soon…

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