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Drakkar 30/09/2023

Born in the darkness of 1983, DRAKKAR, a speed/heavy metal band, must wait until 1987 to record a demo tape under the artistic direction of Rudy Lenners (ex-Scorpions drummer). In 1988, they record an album and sign a contract with New Musidisc (Paris); the mythical X-RATED album was born and acclaimed. Live performances are part of their everyday lives, and the band is selected as support act for bands such as Queensrÿche, Metallica, Overkill and Slayer during their European tours. In 1999, DRAKKAR comes back with a 5-track EP.

After a hiatus, DRAKKAR rise again with a new line-up in 2011. In the beginning of 2012, X-RATED is re-mastered with two additional tracks recorded and produced by Simone Mularoni (DGM). A new version of Alone (music and video) is recorded as well. In March 2013, Fab « Leni » Vanbellinghen (original singer) rejoins the band.

In October 2014, DRAKKAR record their brand-new long-awaited album ONCE UPON A TIME IN HELL with Jonas Sanders (Pro-Pain) on drums. The band plays more than 80 gigs across Europe, opening for Tokyo Blade, Tyson Dog, Lizzy Borden or Tygers of Pan Tang. They perform at the biggest European indoor festival, the Power, Prog & Metal Festival in Mons (Belgium).

In 2016, the band brings out a live album entitled Once Upon A Time Hellive. But in the middle of April 2016, the DRAKKAR family is knocked down: Thierry Del Cane, one of the original members, passes away on his way back home from a gig. After some weeks of consideration and in memory of their brother, the band decides to continue the adventure with the remaining members. During the Once Upon a Time Tour, DRAKKAR begins to work on the final touch of their new album. Adrien, the son of the original drummer, Tim Delvall, is now in charge of the drums and Jesus joins the band as bass player. Several months later, DIABOLICAL EMPATHY was born. The album out, the band hits the road once again to deliver their music in Belgium, France, The Netherlands and Germany.

In 2018, guitar player Pat leaves the band and is replaced by Jiël (Moonchild, ex-Paul Di’Anno).

In August 2021, DRAKKAR plays at Alcatraz Festival, after which, Leni and Richy call it quits.

During 2022, DRAKKAR welcomes new guitar player Valéry (Pestifer, Moonchild). He comes with a solid live and studio experience. May 2023, Olivier (Stand For) joins the band as their new singer and frontman.

The warriors are now ready to pursue the DRAKKAR adventure!

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