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DEATH DEALER UNION - Debuts Second Single, "The Integument" + Music Video

DEATH DEALER UNION, Featuring Elena Cataraga (Lena Scissorhands), Debuts Second Single, "The Integument"

+ Music Video

Debut Album, Initiation, out September 22, 2023 via Napalm Records

Pre-Order HERE

West coast-based metal unit DEATH DEALER UNION - featuring Elena Cataraga (aka Lena Scissorhands of modern metal leaders INFECTED RAIN) - recently announced the upcoming release of their debut album, entitled Initiation, out September 22, 2023 via Napalm Records. Not only does Initiation offer fans the chance to witness Cataraga’s alter ego on raw display, it introduces the band as an intriguing force to be reckoned with.

Out today and following charging metal banger "The Vow of Silence", second single "The Integument" turns the pace all the way up with traditional power metal flavor before transforming into a ghostly, hypnotizing soundscape. To add to the fiery energy of the track, the sizzling music video features heavy metal dance troupe Cherry Bombs!


"We are proud to present to the world and our fans 'The Integument'! A mix of old-school thrash, power and modern metal, 'The Integument' delivers an upbeat vibe with a positive message. Thanks to the amazing Cherry Bombs and Alicia Taylor for lending their unmatched talents to our visual spectacle!"

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