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DARK TRANQUILLITY – Announce New Album “Moment”

Melodic Death Metal pioneers return with their new masterpiece “Moment” which will be released on November 20th! Today the band proudly presents the first single “Phantom Days”.

The band comments:

“It's happening again! We are proud to announce that our 12th album "Moment" will be released on Nov 20th worldwide. This has been in the works for a long time and we hope this finds you well and gives some sort of respite in these trying times. Crank up "Phantom Days" and find the best pre-order option below. Cheers from the DT camp.” (Mikael Stanne)

“Moment” will be available in the following formats and can be pre - orderedHERE

- Ltd. 2CD Edition & Patch

- Standard CD Jewelcase

- Gatefold black 2LP+CD

- Digital Album

- Gatefold clear 2LP+CD - only available at CMDistro EU, limited to 100 copies worldwide

- Gatefold transp. red 2LP+CD - limited to 200 copies worldwide

- Gatefold transp. orange 2LP+CD - only available at EMP, limited to 200 copies worldwide

- Gatefold golden 2LP+CD - only available at Nuclear Blast, limited to 200 copies worldwide

- Gatefold white 2LP+CD - only available at Bengans, limited to 200 copies worldwide

- Gatefold transp. blue 2LP+CD - only available at Bengans, limited to 200 copies worldwide.

- Special Edition Band Exclusive Vinyl Version (Smartsleeve Inside-out 2LP Gatefold, 4-page booklet with liner notes, signed art print. Poster, one LP in marbled blue, one LP in marbled orange, hand-numbered by the band) only available through the band’s official merch store.

It’s been four years since the (Swedish) Grammy-nominated album, “Atoma,” but the time between was creative, innovative, and adventurous. The stalwarts welcomed two top-tier guitarists -Christopher Amott (ex-Arch Enemy) and Johan Reinholdz (Nonexist)- while writing a stunning cluster of songs that not only push Dark Tranquillity’s boundaries outward but also strongly typify the Swedes’ sonic fingerprint. Recorded at Nacksving Studios and Rogue Music by Martin Brändström and then mixed/mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios, “Moment” is a riveting yet challenging journey from start to finish. Join Dark Tranquillity as they unveil their defining moment!


Mikael Stanne - Vocals

Martin Brändström - Electronics

Anders Jivarp - Drums

Johan Reinholdz - Guitars

Christopher Amott - Guitars

Anders Iwers - Bass

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