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Crucial Velocity (Feat. Members of King Diamond & Chastain)

Crucial Velocity, a veteran bandproject that creates thought-provoking music with the dynamics and dark themes of Opeth and Black Sabbath, combined with the hooks of 80's power metal. Led by songwriter and guitarist Nate Bauer, the band features a talented lineup including Matt Thompson from King Diamond on drums, guitar solos by legend Michael Harris, and vocal virtuoso Androo O'Hearn. One of the standout features of Crucial Velocity's music is the lush vocal layering and harmonies that are not commonly heard in today's metal. The band's latest release was mixed and mastered by veteran producer/engineer Gary Long at Nomad Recording Studio, ensuring the highest level of audio quality. If you're a fan of dynamic and dark metal with powerful hooks, be sure to check out Crucial Velocity. The vision of Crucial Velocity is to embrace the classic metal styles of the 80's but with a fresh modern approach.

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