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Conny Bloom release "Med Charlie I Venedig" video

He's got an unmistakable and natural rock star swagger, yet at the same time he's a salt of the earth kind of guy.

That's CONNY BLOOM, one of the most charismatic frontman in Swedish rock music.

As a songwriter, Conny Bloom moves between seriousness and humour.

He has a unique way with words, he sings the way he talks and there's no reason to doubt him since that swagger of his means he always walk the talk.

On his two latest albums, he's singing in Swedish. Musically and lyrically you could put him in the tradition of, say, Pugh Rogefeldt and Stefan Sundström, storytelling folk rock with traces of psychedelia, funk and 60s pop.

On April 18th, in what was supposed to be Record Store Day (before all hell broke loose) the iconic frontman released a brand new 12" single, "Med Charlie I Venedig", including two exclusive songs for this 300 copies limited-run vinyl.

Now the title track gets an official video.

"I had this dream I was thrown in jail in Venedig. From the window I watched Charlie having the time of his life. Thankfully I'm still out and here's the story, featuring Charlie Grunberg." Conny Bloom

The video was directed, filmed and edited by Charlie Granberg & Conny Bloom. It premiered today on heavily trafficked site Metal Rules and can be seen below.

As a teenager Bloom, born Ulf Conny Blomqvist in Stockholm 1964, learned his trade in bands such as Road Rats and Neon Rose but found success and fame in the late 80s as the centre of attention influential groove rock combo Electric Boys, with whom he got intense MTV play, hit the Billboard charts and reached # 1 on the Swedish sales charts with the latest album "The Ghost Ward Diaries". Conny was also catapulted to success in the 00s, when he played guitar for the Finnish rock legends Hanoi Rocks for 4 1/2 years. However, as a solo artist he's doing something completely different.

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