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Chilean Death / Thrash Metal Act LEFUTRAY Unleashes Lyric Video For New Single "G.O.D."!

Following their latest album, Human Delusions in 2019 and Live at Caupolicán Theater last year, Chilean death and thrash metal force LEFUTRAY has released a brand new single, titled "G.O.D.", through Massacre Records!

"G.O.D., an abbreviation of Guilty Of Decimation, is about the dogmatic thinking imposed on society, which classifies and segregates us into regressive ideologies for our human and conscious evolution.“ The band comments, and continues: "Inspired by the thirst for control and manipulation of the "great powers" or the "society behind society" (which shapes and manages collective thought at its convenience), "G.O.D." embodies in some way the direct voice of this message of social control and mind.“

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