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CELLAR TWINS are introducing the new single "$olace"

Belgian melodic rockers Cellar Twins are sharing the new single '$olace' in support of the re-release of "Duality", their compelling 2019 full length coming out on January 29, 2021 via Rockshots Records. "$olace" is a heavy prog-metal oriented song that conveys a reflection on materialism and the ephemerality of physical possessions. It asks the question of wanting versus needing, knowing that in the end, all will be equal. A combination of ten infectious hook-laden tracks that blends raging modern instrumentals with powerful yet clear vocals, "Duality" can be enjoyed by laidback rockers to full-on metalheads. Fans of their 2017 EP, which was more rock/hard rock-oriented will notice the band has taken a heavier path regarding the songwriting while retaining clarity in the vocals, which has become their unexpected trademark combination.

Depiction of life itself with all its uplifting and crushing moments, expressed with anger, fear, joy, and doubts, "Duality" is a deep internal exploration where two messages arise. The first one being that each story always has two sides and the second one being, that even when going through hell, hope must always prevail.

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