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Belle Morte Ft. Ruben Monteiro - September

Metal Sensation Belle Morte Ft. Ruben Monteiro is ready to enchant listeners with their new single and music video titled "September," out via Wormholedeath worldwide.

"September," the freshest banger from Belle Morte is infused with an enchanting Middle Eastern flair. This track marks another milestone in the band's ongoing international collaborative series, now extending to a total of six captivating songs featuring guest musicians. In this release, Belle Morte joined forces with the talented Portuguese multi-instrumentalist, Ruben Monteiro, and Ada Rusinkiewicz (Hethet) who recorded backing vocals for the track. Ruben’s masterful oud and saz performances add an authentic touch, weaving intricate melodies into the tapestry of our music. Get ready to embark on a musical journey that bridges cultures and transcends boundaries.

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