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BE’LAKOR Announces Exciting Re-Issues

BE’LAKOR Announces Exciting Re-Issues OfGroundbreaking

Full-Length Albums

Stone's Reach & Of Breath And Bone | Pre-Order NOW

Australian Melodic Death Metal institution BE’LAKOR will release the exciting re-issues of their guiding full-lengths Of Breath And Bone and Stone’s Reach on September 18, 2020 via Napalm Records.

The critically acclaimed 2009 album Stone’s Reach marked the pure energy of BE’LAKOR’s filigree – sophisticated tunes without falling for any clichés of Death Metal. Meticulously arranged instrumental compositions, underscored by George Kosmas's recognizable voice, prove that the Melbourne five-piece successfully enthralls the masses. Their second offering also doesn't shy away from extended tracks and inspires until the 10-minute epilogue.

Their third studio-album Of Breath And Bone cemented the band’s success and their musical strength. BE’LAKOR’s guitar lines are diverse and surprisingly light-footed, whilst deep growls are exploding in hard-hitting harmonies. The fan-favorite track “Abeyance“ now hits nearly four million streams on Spotify and YouTube und underlines the band’s smashing success.

Those two milestones of modern Melodic Death Metal shouldn’t be missed in any well-groomed collection and will be available on vinyl in multiple colors:

Pre-Order your version of Stone’s Reach and Of Breath And Bone HERE!

Stone’s Reach will be available in the following formats:

- 2 LP Gatefold Black Vinyl

- 2 LP Gatefold Swirl Black / White Vinyl (limited to 300 copies - Napalm US & RoW Mailorder only)

- 2 LP Black + Shirt Bundle

- 2 LP Swirl Black/White + Shirt Bundle

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