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ASPHAGOR Ignites the Scene with 'Pyrogenesis' Video

Tyrolean black metal trailblazers Asphagor have unleashed their fourth album, "Pyrogenesis," on March 10th. This exceptional record, featuring 11 tracks and over 60 minutes of playing time, showcases the quintet's most impressive work to date. Alongside the album, Asphagor has premiered a compelling video clip for the title track.

Band members M. Zanesco and Hybreos share their insights on "Pyrogenesis":

M. Zanesco: "'Pyrogenesis' is centered around the concept that great power and enlightenment can arise from a spark of inspiration born from flame. The lyrics describe the journey towards this power and the potential consequences that come with it, emphasizing the destructive potential of this force while acknowledging its transformative and creative capabilities."

Hybreos: "As an ode to Prometheus, we attempted to create an amalgamation of Old School Death Metal with our home base of Black Metal, incorporating a thrashy connotation. Like every track on the album, this one has its unique approach, guiding the listener through densely packed arrangements towards the final conclusion in harmonic riffage. Enjoy!"

"Pyrogenesis" is available on CD, as a double LP in gatefold, and as a limited DigiPak in a limited BoxSet. Catch Asphagor live alongside The Spirit on the Dark Fortress Farewell Tour in May. Check out the tour dates below.

'Pyrogenesis' Video Clip:

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