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ADAMANTIS release Far Flung Realm, stream entire album on NWOTHM Full Albums channel

Boston-based epic power metallers ADAMANTIS are proud to release their debut album, Far Flung Realm. To celebrate this event, the band is making the entire album available for streaming on the NWOTHM Full Albums channel:

Produced, mixed and mastered by Christian ‘Moschus’ Moos of Spacelab Mixing (Haken, Delain, Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody), Far Flung Realm features ten tracks of pure heavy metal that showcases the band’s diversity, moving from the Germanic power metal assault of "The Oracle’s Prophecy" (featuring guest vocals from ex-Dark Moor and current Hamka and Fairyland vocalist Elisa C. Martin) to the crushing, doomy hymn "The Siege of Arkona".

Says guitarist and co-founder Jeff Taft: "At long last, Far Flung Realm is no longer quite so far! This album is the work of many hands, and though rooted in our love of that classic late 90s-early 2000s power metal sound, really represents the crystallization of our very diverse set of influences. We feel like there should be something for every type of metal fan to enjoy here!"

Says drummer and co-founder Evgeny Gromovoy: "I put into this album all my energy because ever since I was a kid I heard a calling, a voice that pushed me to listen to heavy metal all day long, and of course to play heavy metal as if there is no tomorrow! I like my drums big and fast (see Thomen era Blind Guardian) and you will get plenty of that here. I would recommend listening to Far Flung Realm several times with the booklet in hand!"

Far Flung Realm is available for purchase at and on all major digital platforms.

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