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A Somerset Parade's new album "Carcosa"

Inspired by the 1895 cult classic book of short horror stories ‘The King In Yellow’ by Robert W. Chambers, CARCOSA is a dark collection of tales that exist in both reality and nightmares. With over four years in development, the band has experimented and evolved not only their writing process but also their sound. Numerous rewrites, personal loss, adversity, and even a pandemic have all served to turn this defining album into the sonic masterpiece it is today.

CARCOSA treats the listeners to a rock onslaught filled with hook-laden choruses, hitting breakdowns, and the soft touch of delicate moments all tied together with an industrial-inspired, synth-wave soundscape. Whether you ultimately love or hate CARCOSA, there is no doubt it will make you feel something, and it is certainly a sign of bigger things to come for A Somerset Parade.

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