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A Goat as our Shepherd 14/10/2023

A GOAT AS OUR SHEPHERD (or AGAOS) come from Belgium and play extreme metal in the most versatile way. While deeply rooted in classic death metal, it's their wide variety of influences and a modern, open-minded approach, what makes them stand out of the thousands of ‘copy-paste bands’ on the planet. Blending Dissection, Pantera, Morbid Angel, Carcass and Hatebreed into a believable sound is quite a challenge ... yet A GOAT AS OUR SHEPHERD delivers.

After their formation in 2018, A GOAT AS OUR SHEPHERD recorded and released 2 digital EP’s in 2019 en 2020. Both EP's were combined and released as a physical EP CD entitled 'AGAOS' on June 12, 2021. Although the covid pandemic initially slowed down the band's rise to fame, the first live shows made it crystal clear that AGAOS is a force to be reckoned with. Expect no less than unbridled fury and a generous dose of rock 'n roll entertainment when 'The Goat' arrives in your town.

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