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Treyharsch - Eternal cycles (cd)

Treyharsch - Eternal cycles (cd)

SKU: whd235

Digipack cd

‘Treyharsh is a French metal band formed in March 2011 in Douai in Northern France. The band draws its style and energy from the motley styles encompassed into metal music such as sludge, stoner and alternative metal music. Such an explosive mix springs from each band member's different tastes. By their own means, Julien(vocals), Sebastien (guitar), Olivier (bass) and Damien (drums) have recorded their first album (11 tracks) titled Reverse and have been working on their second album since September 2012. The enraged foursome has been performing at local bars in the Lille area and they are now hoping to share their drive and love of music on various national stages and festivals.

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