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Ukrainian Metal Upstarts IGNEA Release Cinematic Second Single, “Dunes”

Ukrainian melodic metal band IGNEA takes listeners into cinematic worlds with second single “Dunes”! Having gained many millions of Spotify streams on fan-favorites like “Alga”, “Leviathan” and “Jinnslammer”, the five-piece is ready to release their next masterpiece, the captivating concept album, Dreams of Lands Unseen, out April 28, 2023 via Napalm Records.

With “Dunes”, talented storytellers IGNEA dive into the sweltering realms of the Sahara desert, as far-eastern melodies merge perfectly with hard-hitting riffs. The idea behind this composition was to compare the Sahara Desert with the Carpathian Mountains and so the eastern vibe of the music is paired with traditional Ukrainan melodies and language, which pays tribute to Yablonska’s roots and adventures. The rough screams of highly skilled vocalist Helle Bohdanova kick off the track, providing contrast to the song’s feathery, dreamy melodies. After winning categories at The Best Ukrainian Metal Act Awards (including “Best Ukrainian Metal Act 2020”), IGNEA have already earned their status as a band-to-watch, and the upcoming cinematic concept album Dreams of Lands Unseen will exceed all expectations, inviting the listener to follow them into new worlds! Vocalist Helle Bohdanova about “Dunes”: “We continue telling the story of the amazing Ukrainian travel writer and photographer Sofia Yablonska who lived in the XX century. “Dunes" is inspired by her adventure to the Sahara Desert. On this dangerous journey, Sofia’s driver fainted from the intense heat, so she had to take charge of driving and also fix the overheated engine herself. Their troubles didn't end there, as they also had to escape from hostile locals who tried to shoot them. Our song describes how Sofia saw a mirage, so common in the desert. In our version, instead of imagining palm trees and an oasis, she saw the chilly Carpathian mountains with pine trees and rainfalls...”

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