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THE LAST ELEMENT Releases "Chapter 3: Solitude"

Amsterdam-based modern metal act, THE LAST ELEMENT, is celebrating the release of

their new EP "Chapter 3: Solitude", out now with Drakkar Entertainment! A music video for the song "Bury Me" is streaming below. After the first two chapters already showed that there is no way around the Dutch formation anymore, the band takes the listener on a sonic journey, split into three main parts. "Bury Me," the third track on the EP, serves as the climax of a three-part narrative that began with "Lost Cause (The Journey Part 1)" and continued through "The Mountain (The Journey Part 2)." Each song is a poignant representation of the universal longing to find solace, to feel at home, and to connect deeply with another soul. Frontman Jasper's personal battles with loneliness and the feeling of isolation are intricately woven into the fabric of "Chapter 3: Solitude". This EP is not just a musical piece but a confessional, providing insight into his past struggles and the search for self-worth.

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