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The Dogshit Boys new single single Jüggernaut

Cult-heroes The Dogshit Boys from Helsinki, Finland are about to release the new EP “Adogalypse Now!” and the new single from the upcoming 7” vinyl is a tale of a cybernetic Fembot slaying murderous hobos in a nightmarish Megacity of the future.

In August the band celebrated 23 years of Flashrock at vocalist La55es Birthday Bash by performing a very special set that culminated in a “One night only” gig by the original lineup of the band that hadn’t played together for 22 years. Early minimalistic classics like “One Minute Fuck” and “Vittu, Saatana, Perkele!” were exhumed from the dusty vaults of the band's early career.

Today the band is more brutal and energetic than ever before, which “Jüggenaut” is a good example of.

So get yourself a beer and enjoy the true Kings of Flashrock on the new single!

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