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SOG - Man Demonic - album out!

SOG has managed to trace the whole evolution from speed to thrash to death metal with the gradual development of their raw, violent sound. All of this is encompassed in SOG’s third offering, “Man Demonic” (2023), the follow up to God Complex (2017). On a total of thirteen tracks, the axe is swung through the undergrowth with an onslaught of sonic euphoria. It's dirty, it's fast, there are genre typical lyrics, but also extremely critical tones on the record. If God Complex was a bit too rough for you, MAN DEMONIC will be a pleasure for you. The sound is clearer, you can hear all instruments nicely differentiated and Doyle Bright is vocally outstanding and fits like a glove. Furthermore, the very varied drumming of Dane Jensen is to be emphasized - he really beats up his kit in every song as if it owed him a chunk of money.

SOG - MAN DEMONIC is for the real old-school fans! No super polished production, just raw and aggressive carnage, with the charm of the 80s!

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