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Shrapnel Storm - Silo (Great Dane Records)

SHARPNEL STORM is an old-school death metal band from Tampere, Finland.

Expect crushing mid-tempo death metal, mixed in with ruthless thrash components of speed and groove. Band has released two full-lenght albums: "Mother War" (2015), self-titled "Shrapnel Storm" (2020) and now they are preparing to release, brand new, third album titled "Silo".

The album kicks off ominously reflecting the eerie sounds of oncoming doom and destruction, blasting into one of band’s more fast-paced tunes, followed by brutal stomping and wicked melodies track after track. Compared to their previous works, this album has the most variation when it comes to general "feeling" of songs, going from menacing to empowering. It is a ride of different emotions, all depicting aspects of giving your life to something you believe in, sometimes in vain.

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