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RYUJIN Releases "The Rainbow Song" ft Trivium's Matthew Kiichi Heafy

Formed in 2011 as Gyze, Samurai Metal band RYUJIN deftly deliver heavy metal and blazing guitar wizardry from Japan with their recently announced upcoming self-titled album, RYUJIN, out January 12, 2024 via Napalm Records! Blending both Japanese and English lyricism and featuring production and several guest features by Matthew Kiichi Heafy (Trivium), the band's high speed riffs and breakneck guitar descents pair with traditional Japanese elements, delivering a sound influenced by everything from ancient orchestral Gagaku to even modern anime themes.

Following up on the release of the album's previously released first single,“Raijin & Fujin”, the band has just released another new single, entitled "The Rainbow Song". Like their first single, the melodic power metal track features an essential contribution from aforementioned album guest Matthew Kiichi Heafy

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