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RESOLUTION 13 presents latest single "Paradise Circus"

Finnish industrial metal band, Resolution 13, is preparing to release their sophomore album, "Derelict", in collaboration with Sliptrick Records. In anticipation of the album's release, the band dropped the first single, "Paradise Circus", a cover of the popular Massive Attack track that features co-vocals by Ville Tuomi.

You can listen to the single at this location:

Founded in 2010, Resolution 13 is composed of seasoned musicians from respected bands and projects in Finland, with their sound being characterized by mixing heavy and beautiful harmonies packed in industrial-like music: hard-hitting down-tuned guitar riffs, ultra-low bass frequencies, supersonic synths and war-battalion-like drumming.

Vocalist Nico Hartonen described "Paradise Circus" as a "rare gem" that has a "post-apocalyptic feel" with a "twisted" perspective that resonated with the band, and despite its dark themes, "Paradise Circus" is an emotionally stirring track that reveals the band's range and versatility.

«I got a message from Dallas, citing that he's got this one M.A's song rolling around his head and he wants to do a cover out of it and I got all hyped up 'cause it is Massive Attack, for gods sake», Nico Hartonen comments exclusively to Against PR. «We booked a cabin from Kotka (east of Helsinki) and drove over there. Set up the gear, heat the sauna, swim icy sea water and make some grub out of, you know, what you got! [laughs] Start picking out notes, beat etc. You know... That feel what M.A. is about! And sweet Jeebles, that sound of Hope Sandoval! The atmosphere was all set up for us.»

Resolution 13's sound has evolved over the years and "Paradise Circus" is a testament to their growth and maturity as artists. The band has developed a reputation for making music that is hard-hitting and emotive. The new single is a departure from their previous work, which leaned more towards an industrial sound. However, it fits perfectly into their overall discography, as it highlights their range and versatility as artists, as Hartonen tells us:

«It widens up our personal music taste abroad and hopefully reaches out to many people and unites our musical interests together.»

The band hopes that "Paradise Circus" will be a wake-up call for their fans, encouraging them to explore new sounds and to embrace new musical experiences. The single is a refreshing break from the norm, and it offers a glimpse into what fans can expect from the forthcoming album, "Derelict":

«We hope that people can hear our sound through this particular song. This song should wake you up onto something new, you know?»

Watch the lyric video for "Paradise Circus" and don't forget to stream the track on your favorite streaming platform now!

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