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Reject The Sickness presents new single "Disapproval Of The Weak"

To say 2020 hasn't been a good year for most would be an understatement.

Reject The Sickness is here to make it better. In 2018 this five-piece from Belgium parted ways with their bass player and lead guitarist and recruited Zoran Van Bellegem and Jonas Messiaen for the open positions.

With this brand spanking new line-up the band has expanded upon its vocabulary of quality staccato riff-driven death/thrash metal and condensed it into a solid slab of melodic brutality that will crush your ears and lift your spirits, aptly named "While Our World Dissolves".

Canvassing the deepest recesses of the human mind and psychology, the first single from this dark gem, "Disapproval Of The Weak", embraces the ominous character of the lyrics, tighter than ever before. Building upon the creative foundations layed in 2019's in-between EP "The New Chapter", it has cemented the Reject The Sickness experience in terms of all crushing heaviness. Firmly rooted in the spirit of melodic death/thrash metal, the music is basking in a new-found brutality.

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