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Raven Wundis - In Shadows Summons Divinity - out now!

Raven Wundis is a solo project that weaves diverse elements into a musical journey of experimentation and transcendental conceptualization that dwells heavily, but not exclusively, in the madness and grandeur of the human psyche. Raven Wundis has been in several Filipino Metal bands over the years, Bulletproof (Metal), Praena (Progressive Metal), Anhura (Progressive Metal), Bloodshedd (Death Thrash) and is currently with I Soar I (Experimental) and The Muted Squalls (Alternative). In 2020, he finally decided to pursue the long overdue plan of constituting a solo project. Branching out from what he had previously done, Raven Wundis embraced the call of his inner voices and created something that is laced with mystery, breeding recurring themes echoing from segments to segments, in turn blurring categorization, yet not betraying his roots.

Have recently finished the full concept album entitled "In Shadows Summons Divinity", an hour and 27 minutes of pure musical voyage and sonic adventure. Comprised of seven chapters melting into one whole thought-provoking track that tells the origin tale of the celestial sphere and men, in the eyes of Orhyd--an ancient god. This 3 years in the making album is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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