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PARAHUMAN : second song from "Affliction" debut album

Parahuman is a quite young band on the Polish metal music scene. The group was formed in 2014, and the line-up includes musicians that have been playing rock music so far. The first rehearsals brought a lot of energy and weight in the composed songs, which ultimately defined their music as mixture of groove metal and metalcore. So far band released two singles and an EP called "Anthropomorphic", and this fall they are going to release first full-lenght album, "Affliction". Music for this album was recorded at Nebula Studio (Tides From Nebula, Dopelord, Materia) in cooperation with Tomasz Stołowski. Robert Wawro, who has collaborated with Asgaard and Exlibris in the past, is responsible for mixing and mastering. The graphic design was created by pachu design (Acid Drinkers, Kat & Roman Kostrzewski). Band photo were taken by Michał Sobociński.

Band about debut album: "The album we wanted to create and present now is a mini concept album. The leitmotif are diseases and social problems of people living today. We touch on the problems of social media, broadly understood Internet threats, depression, hatred and addictions. Each of the songs is a short study of a selected "disease". The following bands were the musical inspiration for us when creating the album: Gojira, In Flames, Cannibal Corpse, Lamb of God, Killer be Killed and Decapitated. We wanted the album to bring an element of melody with it. Hence the idea to add samples and introduce melodic vocals to the music, which were to differentiate the material contained on the album. Each composition led us to the conclusion that we are heading towards melodic death metal - the genre that we can use to define the music on our album. ".

Parahuman presents their second single from the album "Affliction". This song maintains a melodic style, with a dose of energy and appropriate weight. "Sober" is a story about the fight against addiction, the hard path that those who want to quit. It presents their fear and concerns that accompany them in their everyday life. You can listen to the song here:

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