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Out soon: Thorium - "Extraordinary Journeys, pt.I"

"Extraordinary Journeys, pt.I" is Thorium's third full-length release, following their debut in 2018 and the subsequent album "Empires In The Sun" in 2021. This Belgian metal band, known for touring extensively and sharing stages with prominent acts, has crafted an album that explores themes of adventure and discovery. The album, produced by Tom Tee and mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni, blends elements from various metal genres, showcasing the band's versatility. With artwork by Velio Josto and sleeve design by Sara Decat, the album is a tribute to classic adventure stories, infusing heavy, melodic, virtuosic, catchy, and conceptual elements. It appeals to fans of classic and power metal, marking a significant milestone in Thorium's journey.

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