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New Video: The Heathen Scÿthe - The Heathen Scythe

The Heathen Scÿthe and their second single, titled after the band name, on released October 31st. Building on the success of their first release which achieved 21K views globally in less than 2 months, the band has signed with LD5 Entertainment, a partner of Orchard Music, to handle digital distribution. The single is part of a bigger ritual performed on their first EP and declares the purpose of the ritual to the guardian-spirits of the 4 cardinal points. The accompanying music video, set in two different timelines, will showcase the foundation of a secret society in the late 19th century and the ritual performed by the Scÿthe 6 centuries in the future, in the years 2610s. Strange occurrences arise when the events in the future begin to reflect in the past.

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