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New Video: Hellfrost - Bloodshot

Hellfrost, a metal band founded in 2010 by Dave Vainer, has been captivating the local scene in Naples, Florida, with their melodic sound infused with the raw essence of death, black, and thrash metal, along with various metal sub-genres. With the recent addition of veteran drummer Angelo Duca and bassist Ryan Blackburn, the band has experienced a resurgence, propelling them to new heights. Their self-titled album, a testament to their musical prowess, was brought to life at Deerfield Beach, Florida, under the expertise of the iconic metal drummer Derek Roddy, known for his contributions to Hate Eternal, Malevolent Creation, Doomsilla, and other revered bands. Hellfrost has forged a legacy, birthing esteemed underground albums, and now invites metal enthusiasts to embrace the inferno of Hell and join them on their journey through the depths of metal

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