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Masada new ep 'The blood will follow'

Forged on the frozen shore of Chicago, Masada is a metal band based on brotherhood, truth and honor. Masada formed in 1986 and led a 5 year reign of terror through the Midwest with 3 independent releases and a live show that resembled a riot more than a concert. Unable to contain the raw power of these shows Masada found themselves unable to book many of the areas venues and eventually parted ways in 1991.

Although the band had broken apart the members remained close. Guitarist Paul Quinn stated "We always felt like we had unfinished business. We were on a roll that got out of control and we've always talked about that time as being really special. I guess we felt like we had lighting in a bottle for a moment and once you do that, you always have that burning desire to know if you can still do it at that level."

An article on file sharing explaining how bands were able to write and record via the internet became the catalyst for a new start. In 2013 Masada was able to capitalize on the emerging technology of internet recording while video conferencing proved to be exactly what they needed. Having the ability to be separated by 1000 miles but still able to see, talk to and collaborate musical ideas turned a reunion dream into reality.

After releasing 4 singles, Masada now delivers their brand of extreme metal in a new 5 song EP - The Blood Will Flow - From the opening track Drowning In Lightning to the final track Fields Of Stone, The Blood Will Flow does not disappoint

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