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HIDEOUS DIVINITY – release rehearsal space live video for „Bent Until Fracture“

Italian Death Metal frontrunners HIDEOUS DIVINITY are getting back to work! After being forced to lay low for a while during the Corona virus induced lock-down, they went right back to their rehearsal space to record a brutal live version for the song “Bent Until Fracture” taken from their most recent album, “Simulacrum”, which was released in November 2019 on Century Media Records.

The band states:

“It sure feels great to be back at our rehearsal space. Although some adjustments were required.

The Covid b**ch is still out there, we're optimistic but not careless. That's why you'll see Enrico H singing alone in our new video: extreme metal singing may set a new record for droplet travel distance... Add that to the fact Enrico is a professional doctor who visits patients on a daily basis, and you’ll have the full picture. Join us during our “socially responsible” rehearsal time and PLEASE, stay safe and alert.

Do not forget this is not over yet. #growlresponsibly !“

If you want to order a physical copy of “Simularcum” or listen to it in full on one of the streaming services, please follow this LINK

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