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French Death Metal Project Angel Rising Drops "Utopia" Single & Video

Angel Rising, the pioneering one-man band initially known as Listenangel, has announced the release of their latest single and accompanying video, "Utopia." The track serves as a compelling preview of their upcoming album, "Afterlife," slated for release on September 22nd, 2023, under Wormholedeath Records label.

"Utopia" takes listeners on a haunting sonic journey, exposing the flaws within a system built on deceit and manipulation. By delving into the consequences of living a lie, Angel Rising shines a light on the loss of an idealized state and the hindrance it presents to true fulfillment and authenticity.

Credits for this remarkable piece of art go to Angel Rising, who not only showcases his talent on all instruments and vocals but also crafted the thought-provoking lyrics and music. The single was mixed and mastered by Angel Rising himself, ensuring meticulous attention to detail. The captivating artwork for "Utopia" was created by the renowned Dechristianize Art, the logo design is the work of Doccygore, and the lyrics video's credits goes to Andrea Mantelli

The lineup for Angel Rising consists of: Angel Rising: Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals Guest Singer: M.Fox (clean vocals on "Worn Out Blood" and "Dominion")

Prepare to embark on an immersive musical experience that challenges the boundaries of death metal and explores the depths of the human condition. "Utopia" is just a glimpse into the audial masterpiece that awaits Angel Rising's upcoming album, "Afterlife."

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