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Foul Body Autopsy release the final part of the Shadows Without Light trilogy on November 4th

It’s been a year now since Foul Body Autopsy’s Shadows Without Light trilogy began; a year since Tom Reynolds, the lone artist behind the Foul Body Autopsy name, began charting his progress through a sea of loss and bereavement. The end of the project is now in sight, although whether Tom has reached some kind of a conclusion to his voyage through the storms of grief only he knows. Hopefully he has at least managed to achieve his stated goal, to “help someone else along the way”. The one cast iron certainty in all this wondering and supposition is that we now have the concluding instalment of Shadows Without Light - another outpouring of musical power that embraces the heart of melodic death metal and steps beyond its boundaries.

Featuring two brilliant versions of the ‘...Part 3’ track – one a raw, blisteringly intense piece of emotive death metal, one an explorative, adventurous remix – this final part of the most challenging series of Foul Body Autopsy releases to date is an unquestionable triumph. Even Tom himself, ever reticent to praise his own accomplishments, has recognised the remarkable development that has taken place over this year-long battle...“Working on the trilogy has been an interesting yet challenging experience. But I feel each part has been better than the last.” Shadows Without Light has been brave, both creatively and emotionally and delivered with a passion and honesty that is rare to find. It stands as a testament to the artistic endeavour of Tom Reynolds and Part 3 provides its fitting, crowning conclusion.

Shadows Without Light Part 3 was once again immaculately produced by Russ Russell (Amorphis, At The Gates, Napalm Death etc) and is, again, adorned in the stunning artwork of Arif Rot of Wormrot. On November 4th prepare to take the final steps in this incredible journey as a remarkable chapter in the Foul Body Autopsy story comes to a close.

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