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Finnish Metal Veterans Arched Fire Are Back With New single & Video "Fear"

The Finnish metal band’s second album deals with the concept of trust.

“Fear” is the first video and single off Arched Fire’s second album Trust Betrayal, to be released in spring of 2023. The “b-side” song “Trigger” is a Motörhead cover originally recorded for Antichrist magazine’s tribute album.

“’Fear’ is one of those songs that just happen,” says Ari Väntänen, their rhythm guitar player. “I had some riffs that I asked Kristian (Herkman, the vocalist) to record. As it turned out, the song was right there, just waiting to be born. We came up with the chorus part while recording the verses and the bridges. Kristian probably wrote the vocal parts while driving home from my place. And after the guys arranged their own parts, ‘Fear’ started to sound like us. Like Arched Fire."