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Drofnosura's - 'Voidfever'

Drofnosura's "Voidfever" is a gripping testament to their evolution, blending soul-crushing riffs with eerie ambience. Through daring vocal experiments and cosmic noise, the album delves into newfound sonic realms, forging a haunting yet powerful journe.

Drofnosura emerged in 2010 with a singular vision: to forge a sonic realm where soul-crushing riffs and eerie ambient passages collide. Their evolution from a humble doom/sludge outfit to the architects of "Voidfever" is a testament to their creative spirit. This album marks a transformative juncture, integrating synth textures and daring vocal experiments to create aural landscapes that are both haunting and powerful. As they delve into newfound sonic dimensions, Drofnosura paints a musical tapestry where savage riffing converges with cosmic noise, manifesting a dark and entrancing journey through ambient voids.

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