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Danish Black Metal Solo Project UDÅNDE Shares First Album Details & Brand New Lyric Video

Following the acclaimed debut album "Life of a Purist", Danish black metal solo project Udånde has announced to release its sophomore full length record, entitled "Slow Death - A Celebration of Self-Hatred", on December 2nd via Vendetta Records. Founded and led by Rasmus Ejlersen, who now lives in Bratislava, Slovakia, "Slow Death - A Celebration of Self-Hatred" offers six deeply connected songs, packed with the band's bleak and mesmerizing black metal atmosphere.

Thematically, this album is the personal journey of Rasmus Ejlersen, "a timeline (2009 - 2022) of private, profound experiences with anxiety attacks, depression and anti-depressant medication."

"Each song depicts specific time periods of my existence from which were significant for my previous internal struggles" Rasmus comments.

"Slow Death - A Celebration of Self-Hatred" was mixed and mastered by Patrick McDowall (Spectral Wound) in Montreal, Canada, and with the lyric video for "I'm Not a Pessimist, I'm a Realist" Udånde has just released the first single as well as the album opening track.

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