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Crucifer - Hell Is For The Hopeful - new album after 30 years!

Fredericksburg metal band, Crucifer, is set to release its first album of new material in 30 years on January 12th, 2024. The three-piece band, consisting of Jeff Riddle on vocals and drums, Brian Ronquest on guitars, and Stevie Snyder on bass, formed in 1990 and gained a cult following with the release of their albums 'Festival Of Death' and 'Pictures Of Heaven' signed with Wild Rags Records. The upcoming album, titled 'Hell Is For The Hopeful', is expected to showcase the band's signature sound and is highly anticipated among the metal community. Fans can expect a collection of new, hard-hitting tracks from the band that has been praised for their unique and uncompromising style. Be sure to mark your calendars for January 12th, 2024, and get ready to experience the return of Crucifer.

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