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Chris Maragoth - Gatherer of Souls - first solo album

German Solo Artist Chris Maragoth has released his debut album titled "Gatherer of Souls" on November 24. The album is a unique blend of Symphonic, Gothic, and Melodic Death Metal and consists of 10 tracks. The album revolves around the themes of darkness and melancholy, exploring subjects such as death, salvation, and memories of those left behind. Chris collaborated with several talented musicians who joined him on the majority of the tracks, including Estelia, Cherry Summerfield, and Per Lümbersson. Estelia, a Jewish mezzo-soprano with Georgian and Ukrainian roots, lent her voice to the album, while German female vocalist Cherry Summerfield of the Melodic Death Metal band July 15th and Per Lümbersson of German Melodic Death Metal band Aeon of Awareness contributed to the album. The cello parts in all songs were contributed by Polina Faustova, a Ukrainian cellist. The album is now available for streaming and download on all major streaming services, media stores, and on Bandcamp

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