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Chaosaddiction hits the ground running

“Worst Things First” is the debut single by Chaosaddiction, and it’s fair to say it starts with a bang. Not with a “band”, because Rui Alexandre (Terror Empire) flies solo on this project from Portugal. Yet another quarantine project, recorded at Golden Jack Studios, Chaosaddiction made sure the music had the proper video to match. Directed by Carlos Calika, it features Rui in an intimate (and intimidating) one-on-one with the viewer. It sets the right pace for the sonic aggression that ensues. Rui Alexandre comments: «I had this music dying to be released for quite some time, now - more than 15 years. Yet, it still sounded fresh enough to be recorded and released. It’s something that didn’t have space in Terror Empire, and since I had the band’s support, I went all-in. Expect more singles for the months and years to come.» Death metal with a groove exchanging dynamic with blast beats, and several vocal approaches flex an unexpected range. Listen (and watch) for yourself

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