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Blood Red Throne release home video

In the past years, Norwegian death metallers Blood Red Throne have partied a lot, with so many cool people around the world. They drank so many drinks and got so many cool new friends, and also they played shows.

Meathook kept his camera rolling during most of the time, and during the pandemics lockdown, he found time to edit a video to treat those who care, to some little entertainment while drinking alone. The band simply has so much fun acting bad, and just wants you to get a sneak peek into how undelightful they can be when they're not watched. Yeah, they forget the camera is watching them, and some of them just don't know any better.

Premiered yesterday via Metal Hammer UK, we hope you all like this home video. Salute and cheers, and of-course SKÅL from Blood Red Throne, who hope to party more with all your all in 2021, when "Rona" is "Gouna"!

Keep your eyes on the band’s Instagram and Facebook, for more new songs coming soon, as Blood Red Throne are halfway done with their 10th album, and if you did not, then do, check out last year’s album “Fit To Kill", it has metal on it!

“Fit To Kill” was released in the end of 2019, with great reviews worldwide. After touring Europe, Blood Red Throne headed Mexico and did three trips to the USA, besides doing a lot of festivals.

In the COVID-19 lockdown period, like other bands, the Norwegian band saw a lot of festivals cancelled and will have a busy 2021 doing them all. The band really misses the stage and looks forward for a full 2021, with Europe and South America touring if the situation we all are in gets better by then.

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