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Azaghal - Alttarimme on Luista Tehty

Today we proudly present you the cover artwork, album title, release date, track list + other information for the 12th studio album "Alttarimme on Luista Tehty" by the finnish black metal legends of Azaghal.

Alttarimme on Luista Tehty will be released on February 24th 2023, coming in various physical formats such as:

  • Jewel Case CD with a 24paged booklet limited to 1000 copies.

  • Digipack CD with a 24paged booklet + Poster limited to 500 copies.

  • Box Set including a Digipack CD + 24paged booklet & Poster with exclusive merchandise: Textile Flag, Crest Metal Logo Pin, Woven Patch & 2 album cover stickers limited to 500 copies.

  • 12" Vinyl + 24paged Booklet & A2 Poster, coming in 5 different colours limited to 666 copies:

    • Classic Black Vinyl limited to 166 copies.

    • Transparent Electric Blue Vinyl limited to 125 copies.

    • Transparent Coke Bottle Green Vinyl limited to 125 copies.

    • Opaque Mustard / Brown Swirl Vinyl limited to 150 copies.

    • Opaque Double Mint / Brown Swirl with Black Heavy Splatter Vinyl limited to 100 copies.

As well as on Digital format through all major platforms. Alongside the new album, we’ll also release brand new Merchandise:

  • Beanie Hat ‘Logo’ limited to 50 copies.

  • Patch ‘Alttarimme on Luista Tehty’ Design I limited to 500 copies.

  • Backpatch ‘Alttarimme on Luista Tehty’ Alternative Design limited to 100 copies.

  • Slipmat (2 pieces) ‘Logo + Alttarimme on Luista Tehty’: limited to 100 copies.

  • Textile Flag ‘Band / Logo’ limited to 300 copies.

  • T-Shirt ‘Alttarimme on Luista Tehty’ Design I limited to 100 copies.

  • T-Shirt ‘Alttarimme on Luista Tehty’ Design II limited to 100 copies.

  • Zipped hoodie ‘Alternative Design’ limited to 100 copies.

Merchandise only available through the Box Set:

  • Patch ‘Alttarimme on Luista Tehty’ Design II

  • Textile Flag ‘Album / Band’

  • Logo Crest Metal Pin

  • Album Sticker 1

  • Album Sticker 2

Additional Album Information: Twelfth full-length album from the Finnish black metal pioneers. Includes members from Wyrd, Hin Onde, Amberian Dawn etc. Drums & Vocals Recorded by J.Pitkänen at 82 Productions Drums for "Paholaisen musta kieli" Recorded at Grey Realms studio. Lima uses & is endorsed by Tama Drums. Guitars & Bass Recorded at DT-Audio. Mixed & Mastered at Wolfthrone Studios Album Artwork Paintings by Ronarg Layout & Design by WrathDesign Pre-order:

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