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Australian Black Metal veterans Vahrzaw release new single "Pale Lechery"

Hailing from Australia, old school Black Metal veterans Vahrzaw have shared the second single from the band's upcoming fifth studio album "In The Shallows Of A Starlit Lake", which will be coming out on January 27 via Bitter Loss Records. A constant in the Australian underground, having formed 30 years ago, Vahrzaw's new album will be the follow up to last years critically acclaimed "The Trembling Voices Of Conquered Men", and shows a return to the bands early Black Metal roots. "In The Shallows Of A Starlit Lake" is a total of 7 tracks of raw, cold Black Metal, incorporating atmospheric soundscapes and comes in at over 40 minutes!

Vahrzaw on "Pale Lechery": "A song of vile infanticide where the spectre of a man’s daughter returns nightly to remind him of his foul deed and to make him pay his penance in blood, only for him to reawaken the next day pleading for the end. Heavily drawn from the symphonic driven black metal of the early 90s."

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