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Apotheus - Ergo Atlas (Black Lion)

October 6 will see the release of "Ergo Atlas", the upcoming full-length record by Portuguese progressive metal act APOTHEUS, which will be coming out via Black Lion Records.

With nine tracks spanning over 45 minutes, the band's new album "Ergo Atlas" is a direct sequel to 2019's critically acclaimed "The Far Star", and APOTHEUS continue to explore their storytelling universe with the band's unique blend of melody and experimentation.

Millions of years after "The Far Star" mission took place, an artificial intelligence comes up with an ingenious plan that puts life in the Universe at risk. In this second volume of the saga created in the 2019 album and book, inspired by the work of the science fiction writer Issac Asimov, APOTHEUS introduce new atmospheres and emotions in the nine chapters of the new album, in a roller coaster of melodies, messages and intrigues that will be revealed along with the musical and literary work

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