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ALL FOR METAL sign with AFM Records!

The first songs have already been produced - and they promise great things: ALL FOR METAL are about to take the metal world by storm!

AFM Records CEO Jochen Richert:

"ALL FOR METAL is something special for us! The band name says it all and it is no coincidence that it is often assumed to be an abbreviation for our label name AFM. Together with the singers Antonio, Tetzel and producer Hardy Krech (Kissin' Dynamite, Beyond The Black among others) the idea was born to create THE ultimate band to inspire a new generation of metal fans. We will do everything we can to bring ALL FOR METAL to the forefront of metal."

Tetzel (who is active as the vocalist of the band Asenblut, as well as gaining notoriety in the European stength competition scene) comments:

"All For Metal is stylistically completely different from what I usually do - and that's what makes it so appealing to me. The songs are enormously catchy and it's huge fun to play them. Antonio and I are on the same wavelength. With pride and great joy I say, "Let's conquer the world with Metal, all For Metal and Metal for all."

Tetzel's vocal counterpart Antonio Calanna adds:

"Who would have thought that a few months ago? When the omens are right, sometimes things can happen very quickly - and All For Metal is the best example for me. Tetzel and I share a common vision and already during the process of creating the songs it was clear to me that we have something very special here. I hope that our passion will also be transferred to the audience. Let's get ready to rumble!".

The powerful melodic metal clear vocals of the charismatic Antonio and the rather rough organ of the muscle-bound giant Tetzel harmonize perfectly with each other and give this promising new band that certain something. The two are accompanied by masked musicians whose identities are still unknown. Currently, the release of the ALL FOR METAL debut single is being prepared.

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