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ALL FOR METAL Shares Music Video For New Single "Born In Valhalla"

Following their recent, worldwide signing with label powerhouse AFM Records and a previously-released, first music video for aptly-titled track "All For Metal" ( with more than a half million views on Youtube yet ), up-and-coming metal warriors ALL FOR METAL, featuring Asenblut vocalist Tetzel, have just released a brand new video clip for the true vikings' hymn, "Born In Valhalla"!

"We are really hyped about our second single which ist going to be even more epic than the first." Tetzel promises. "If you love heavy metal you can't go around "Born in Valhalla"!

We have more in the pipeline so stay tuned. All For Metal is just starting!" Vocalist Antonio adds: "We were born in Valhalla, now it's time to show the world that we came here for a reason!"

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